Arene ry is looking for a video/animation creator – the execution style is free!

Arene ry is looking for a video/animation creator – the execution style is free!

At the turn of the year, Arene ry is publishing a website that presents the R&D activities of universities of applied sciences.

You might wonder, “What the hell is RDI?”. This is exactly the question we want to answer in the video. R&D activities mean research, development and innovation activities. In the video, we want to tell what the term R&D means and what kind of R&D activities are already being carried out in universities of applied sciences. So the video has an important task, to increase the awareness of the term. The video will appear on the front page of the TKI website in the appropriate place. It is also intended to be shared on social media.

The video should be inspiring and informative. The video is a maximum of one minute long. The implementation style is free, so feel free to suggest your own style. However, the colors and fonts of Arene must be taken into account in the style. We expect you to take an active and independent approach to making the video. Arene’s office is actively involved in the preparation of information and the manuscript. We always help when needed.

Planning sessions can be held remotely. The video should be ready by the end of November.

Award 2500 euros.

Were you interested? Please fill out the Google Forms form and briefly tell us about your idea for making a video. We would also like to see possible work samples/portfolio. You can make the video independently or with a friend. Please enter each person’s contact information on the form.

Register here!

The application ends by September 25, 2022!

Nina Ylönen (, tel. 040 661 0461) can provide more information on the matter.

Arene ry is the rectors’ council of universities of applied sciences whose main task is to promote the common interest of universities of applied sciences. All 24 rectors of universities of applied sciences and universities of applied sciences are members of Arene.