Health Care and Social Services

Expert of Human Life

In social and health care professions, you get to work with people in all areas of life. At VAMK, you will develop together with your teachers and fellow students into a multi-professional and collaborative expert of the future. You will develop a strong professional identity, learn new technologies in the field and adopt an attitude that develops your professional life.

By the way, did you know that VAMK graduates in Health Care and Social Services are the best employed in Finland?

At VAMK’s Health Care and Social Sciences, you can study to become a Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Public Health or a Bachelor of Social Services. For professionals with work experience, we offer 2 Master’s degrees in Social and Health Care.

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Health Care and Social Services' Degrees

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In need of professionals

Work in the social and health care sector is constantly evolving and new, responsible professionals are needed. Most of the work is customer service, so good social skills, flexibility and openness are an advantage. It is important to develop your own skills and professional competence.

Working in social and health care is teamwork: you get to work with professionals from different fields. You’ll work with people from all walks of life, and with clients of all ages. As a professional, you will be able to deal with people holistically, promoting, supporting and strengthening their well-being and resources.

Vaasa Central Hospital aims to provide the best care and service in Finland to our customers. VAMK students and graduating professionals provide excellent support to help us achieve this goal.

– Marina Kinnunen, Director of the Vaasa Hospital District

VAMK graduates have the best employment in Finland

The needs of the international Vaasa region have been particularly taken into account in the planning of VAMK’s Health Care and Social Services education. Here you can practise skills valued by employers with clients from different cultures and nationalities.

With around a fifth of Bachelor of Social Services studies, a third of nursing studies and almost half of public health nursing studies involving internships, you’ll get a wide range of exposure to different jobs in the social and health care sector. You will be able to work in your profession in a supervised and safe way, according to your own skills. You can already cast your net towards the world of work during your studies: traineeships often lead to job offers for temporary work or longer-term placements, which you can do alongside your studies.

The best part of the training has been the children. I was interested in studying to be a bachelor of Social Services because it gives you such a wide range of skills. I was also attracted by the people-orientation. Every day is different in the kindergarten.

– Becoming Bachelor of Social Services, Sofia

Introducing the premises of Alere

Become a professional in Alere

A common learning environment for VAMK and Novia students, Alere, has been recently completed. The comfortable facilities include a brand new operating room and training classes for maternity nursing and first-aid, for example. At the school, you can practise practical skills in simulations that resemble real nursing situations, and there is plenty of work experience.

VAMK’s Health Care and Social Services students can study in a world-class environment.

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