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A whole new Online Nordic Pathway

Study online for 5 months and continue your degree studies in Finland. This pathway programme offers Bachelor’s degree programmes for Indian and Emirati, Saudi Arabian and Lebanese students at Metropolia, SAMK and VAMK.

  • Online Nordic Pathway is a programme jointly organized by Finnish Consortium consisting of Metropolia, SAMK and VAMK Universities of Applied Sciences. The programme is targeted at students who want to study a Bachelors’ degree programme in English at Metropolia, SAMK or VAMK.
  • This online pathway is exclusively marketed in India by StudyNordic and in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon by Edufinlandia.

Online Nordic Pathway will:

  • Enhance your knowledge i.e. in AI, Mathematics and language skills.
  • Facilitates your cultural adoptation.
  • Smoothens your transition to degree studies.

Read more about the pathway and apply Oct 6-20, 2023

Come and meet VAMK at Najah Expo in Dubai Oct 8-10, 2023

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Be bold – find your path!

Jump into the unknown! Cosy campus where you will feel right at home, lively student community, and trainee positions in top global companies will welcome you with open arms.

New friends, your first own flat and freedom. Interesting courses, internships and the feeling of signing a contract. With us, you’ll get to the most interesting companies and working life in Finland already during your studies.

VAMK is an international university with 3700 students, known for its sense of community, in the middle of Finland’s largest energy cluster.

Next Application Period 3.1.-17.1.2024

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Get to know VAMK’s servicess for businesses – Future expertise with a full heart

Our experts will help you when you want to develop and innovate your products, services or organisation. We help you get on the crest of the wave of development, guaranteeing your company’s competitiveness in the market. Get to know our consulting services and our custom trainings, which are tailored to suit your company’s needs. We also provide continuous learning for your employees.

Don’t hesitate to contact us – let’s find a solution that meets your needs, together!

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Learning Opportunities at VAMK for Persons who have Arrived in Finland due to War in Ukraine

Persons who have arrived in Finland due to war in Ukraine and studies at Ukrainian higher education institution have discontinued due to war in Ukraine. Studies are free of charge.

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An odd year 2022 – people as a resource

Our new Annual Report is now published. The year 2022 at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences was the year of pedagogical development. Besides university pedagogics, we focused also on international recruitment as well as on sustainable growth.

Check out our Annual Report 2022

Interesting Right Now

For a sustainable future

For a sustainable future

VAMK's strategic goal is carbon neutrality by year 2030. Innovative solutions for a more sustainable future are developed cooperation with our extensive partner network.

Responsibility is caring for eachother

Responsibility is caring for eachother

VAMK is committed to strong ethical and responsible activities. Our goal is to build and ensure a community where everyone can trust that operations are ethically sustainable.

Equal and sympathetic VAMK

Equal and sympathetic VAMK

Equality is an important part of our operations and it means small daily things taking into account in every day.

Safe and equal VAMK

Safe and equal VAMK

VAMK's safety goal is to be one of the safest working and studying environments in our country. With continuous safety development, we aim to improve real safety and the feeling of safety.