CampusOnline is a year-round digital course offering provided jointly by Finnish universities of applied sciences. From autumn, students will be able to select courses from other universities of applied sciences free of charge and include the studies in their degree. The courses are free of charge for degree students and Open UAS path students. Other interested students pay a fee in accordance with the Open UAS fees.


    The CampusOnline course information will be published on 12 November and the enrolment period begins on 19 November at 8 am.

    VAMK offers the following course for the spring semester:

    • TXV0139 Virtual Project Management 5 cr


    • Students who are studying in one of the 24 UAS that have signed the agreement for fill in the followig enrolment form:

    CampusOnline Spring 2019

    NOTE: The school email address is mandatory. Other email addresses (such as gmail addresses etc.) are not accepted.

    • Other interested students can enrol via Open UAS and pay for the Open UAS study fee.
    • VAMK students enrol via WinhaWille.


    Enrolment period begins on 19th November at 8.00 o'clock.