The IT undergraduate degree programme is available completely in English. The exchange students are recommended to focus on subjects from the 2nd, 3rd or 4th year level. It is recommended to choose courses mainly from one year level as otherwise there is a risk for overlapping.

    The Advanced Professional Studies include:

    • Software Engineering: focuses on software engineering methods, industrial databases and modern programming languages and technologies
    • Electronics and Embedded Systems: focuses on electronic circuits design, microprocessors and their programming, embedded systems and programming methods
    • Telecommunications: focuses on computer networks

    We also offer some possibilities of completing a project or an internship at the Technobothnia high-tech laboratory for the technology students of our partner universities. Because there are limited places available, the students are accepted for this option always case by case.  For more details, please contact the VAMK International Coordinator for the School of Technology.


    Courses in 2020-2021


    Courses in 2019-2020