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For media & student counsellors

Are you writing an article about VAMK? VAMK's Communication Services helps you to find the right expert to interview. Our rector will be happy to answer all questions regarding VAMK's operations.

VAMK's contacts

Media Contacts at VAMK:

Anssi Turunen, Communications Officer, Communication Services: 0207 663 332 / firstname.surname@vamk.fi

Anna Sjöholm, Specialist, External Relations end Executive Services: 0207 663 368 / firstname.surname@vamk.fi

Kati Komulainen, Rector: +358 46 8567347 / firstname.surname@vamk.fi

Matters regarding high school visits and the high school day:

Eva Sundell, Marketing Specialist, Communication Services: 0207 663 486 / firstname.surname@vamk.fi