Student Cooperation

VAMK work – Here you will find the experts of the future

  • The Vamk Work service is a digital meeting place for Vaasa University of Applied Sciences students and working life, which makes announcing and applying for jobs more uncomplicated.
  • Through the electronic service, employers can inform students about open jobs, internship opportunities, thesis jobs and smaller project work directly.
  • Employers can search for experts anonymously with Tiitus’ net function and conveniently reach out students with the service’s chat function.
  • Using the service is free for employers.

Through the Vamk Work service, you can easily reach and recruit future experts!

Benefits for the employer

Direct job, internship, and thesis positions directly to students

Browse students' profiles and reach out to potential talents

Receive job applications through Tiitus or direct applications to your own recruitment system

Collaborate effortlessly and simultaneously with multiple different educational institutions

Register as a VAMK partner

  • Employers register for the service for free, after that they choose from the list which educational institutions they want to network with and start cooperation.
  • When the educational institutions have accepted the company’s networking request, the company can publish job announcements targeted at students from different educational institutions.

Register as a VAMK partner