Entrance Exam Course in Business

Are you looking for a kickstart to your higher education journey in Finland? Our Entrance Exam course is just what you need! Upon completing the course and possessing a language proficiency certificate you will be eligible to apply for the Bachelor’s degree program in International Business through separate application in spring 2024 (for the autumn 2024 intake). You can study the course online at your own pace.


  • Enhance English Skills: Improve English communication and vocabulary relevant to business.
  • Master Mathematical Methods: Gain proficiency in business-related mathematics from a Finnish perspective.
  • Develop Business Communication: Learn essential business communication skills.
  • Excel in Numerical Calculations: Acquire the ability to perform various numerical calculations, including those involving percentages, index numbers, foreign currencies, VAT, and simple interest.
  • Successful completion of the course grants eligibility for separate application to VAMK’s International Business, Bachelor of Business Administration program, opening doors to academic and career opportunities in the field. Check the admission requirements in more detail.

For whom?

  • Students who are aiming to pursue higher education, especially in the field of International Business, will benefit from this course, as it focuses on enhancing their English skills, with a particular emphasis on communication and vocabulary relevant to business.
  • Additionally, it caters to those seeking proficiency in business-related mathematics, especially from a Finnish perspective.
  • Students desiring admission to VAMK’s International Business, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program, as successful completion of this course grants eligibility, offering opportunities for higher education and future career prospects in the International Business field.
  • The prerequisite is that students must have completed upper secondary education to enroll in the course.

Vaasa city

Why come to study in Vaasa?

The Vaasa region is known for its remarkable export activity and robust employment statistics. It boasts one of the highest ratios of export-oriented businesses to its population and ranks among the top regions in Finland for exports per capita. In addition, more than 160 companies work in the field of energy technology.

In this globally oriented and entrepreneurial area, innovators enjoy abundant opportunities to nurture their ideas, experiment with concepts, and forge valuable partnerships. Our region is marked by its ambitious spirit, which frequently results in swift progress and advancement.

Learning outcomes

This is an entrance examination course for UAS studies at VAMK (Vaasa University of Applied Sciences). After passing the course, and if the student is eligible for UAS studies and fulfills the language requirements, the student will be accepted to VAMK’s degree program in International Business, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

After completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of good English and communication skills in business life, develop your reading and writing skills in English as well as extend your professional vocabulary.
  • Understand mathematical methods in the business environment, from a Finnish point of view.


  • Essential business vocabulary, written business messages and letters, structuring and organising academic essays.
  • Percentage calculations, index numbers, foreign currency, VAT, simple interest. Calculations are performed in Excel.

Mode of Teaching and Methods

  • Independent online studies through the learning platform Moodle. Detailed instructions for how to work be given in writing and video-form.

Study Material

  • Online material (video, links, exercises, etc)
  • Informed by the teacher at the beginning of the course


  • Numerical 0-5, examinations

Schedule and Location

  • 16.11.2023-15.12.2023, online (Moodle)

Enrolment Instructions

Apply for the Entrance Exam Course in Business on Studyinfo.fi

By completing this course at VAMK Open UAS, student is able to apply for Bachelor Degree studies in International Business  Ithrough separate application in spring 2024 (for autumn 2024 intake).

N.B. In addition to a completed course at VAMK Open UAS, applicant must have a valid English language certificate and general eligibility to higher education studies. Additionally, course grade will be taken into consideration.

There are no pre-requirements to complete the 5 ECTS course at VAMK Open UAS what so ever, applicants are admitted on the basis of first come, first served.

Admission Criteria

Further Information


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Is International Business for you?

Our International Business degree program offers a unique opportunity to pursue higher education while enhancing your English proficiency and immersing yourself in diverse cultures. Located near Northern Europe’s largest energy technology cluster, our program allows you to study alongside international peers, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

This comprehensive program covers key areas such as International Marketing, Export and Import Management, Strategic Logistics Management, Entrepreneurship, and Accounting. If this aligns with your aspirations, International Business may be the ideal choice for your educational journey.

Explore more about VAMK’s International Business, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program