Quality services

The quality system of Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu, University of Applied Sciences, has passed the auditing by FINHEEC, the Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council. Students have their representation in all organs valid for them. The student representatives are nominated and familiarized for the positions in cooperation with the student union VAMOK. Feedback on studies, implementation and content of education is collected from the students. The feedback summaries are handled both in development meetings with teachers and in sessions of departments.

Course feedback

VAMK students are requested to give feedback on alla courses after the course has ended. The feedback is integrated into the Peppi system and the links to the courses, on which feedback can be given , are visible on the student’s desktop.

As a student having taken the course, your assessment on the quality of the course is important to the teacher!

The questions are as follows:

Scaled questions (scale 1-7)

  • The learning outcomes of the course were clear
  • Working methods used in instruction supported my learning
  • My own participation was active during the course
  • The workload of the course was appropriate (specify in the open answer if necessary)
  • The course had a strong connection to working life
  • Open questions
    • What worked especially well during the course? 
    • How could the course be improved?
  • The course was very good and I can recommend it to others (1-7)

1= totally disagree ….. 7= totally agree  

After the period of giving feedback has ended, the teacher gives counter- feedback and the student sees the group’s feedback on the scaled questions, provided the student has given feedback.

More detailed instructions on giving feedback are available 

Instructions for the student


Student Radar

The Student Radar is carried out every year to all students of VAMK. There is a separate questionnaire depending on the years you have studied. In the questionnaire we want to find out especially your experiences and views on orientation period to the studies. The results of the Student Radar are compiled to a survey report which is discussed in the quality group and management group. The report will be also handed out to the study programmes and study services. Actions for improving the quality of teaching and services are decided based on the results of the Radar. The management group invites the students to a teach-in to discuss and make a plan of action based on the results of the Radar.

Follow-up survey

Once a year the students are asked to give feedback on all matters related to their studies. The survey consists of four questionaires corresponding to the study phases.



Both students and personnel can give general feedback concerning the activities of Vaasa UAS electronically at:




Graduand Feedback Questionnaire (AVOP)

The students who are in the final stages in their studies are requested to fill in a national Graduant Feedback Questionnaire (AVOP).

Gathered feedback is an important part in the development of the study contents, study processes, theses, working life connections and work placement and serves as a basis for the development work.  The questionnaire is a result of co-operation between the Rectors' Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences Arene ry, The Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences  SAMOK, the research foundation for education and studying OTUS and the Ministry of Education and Culture. The purpose of the questionnaire is to survey the experiences from the duration of studies at UAS.  

The graduands are sent a link to the questionnaire by email.