Solar Systems

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You will learn to know how to size a solar system and select appropriate components. This includes performing a power audit, using battery systems in connection with solar, knowing what load shifting is and ways to implement it, the types of inverters and solar charge controllers, battery types, and more.

Target group

To you who

  •  want to prepare for changes in working life or increase your own expertise
  •  want to get to know a new field or stand out with your expertise
  •  live to learn – you want to learn new things as a hobby
  • are pursuing a degree

Those who want more in depth information on solar system, including panels, battery packs, types of installations, calculations, etc.

As prerequisite skills, basic understanding of electricity, Ohm’s law is recommendable.

Learning outcomes

After completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Perform a power audit
  • Size a solar installation based on requirements
  • Know the benefits and drawbacks of battery systems
  • Know how load shifting, panel selection and wiring, component selection, etc. impact the performance of the installation


  • Power audits
  • Grid tied and off-grid solutions
  • Battery storage systems
  • Solar system calculations

Mode of Teaching and Methods

  • Lectures
  • Exercises
  • Demonstrations
  • Project work

Study Material

Will be provided by the teacher in Moodle.


Grade 0-5, based on project work and exam.

Schedule and Location

Lectures: 10 x 2 hours, 4 hours per week on Zoom. Lectures will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday evening from 16:00 – 18:00 between course’s time span 1.5.2023 – 31.5.2023.

Johan Dams

Senior Lecturer

School of Technology | Information Technology

+358 207 663 627

Solar Systems


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