BBA Johan Nyström works as an accountant for Wärtsilä. He also studies for the master´s program at the University of Vaasa.

    Your Motives to choose VAMK? I chose VAMK because of the good reputation and close relationships with local companies.

    Your opinion of the degree programme of International Business? The thing I liked was the wide range of courses and different aspects of studies related to business. If you don’t know what you are especially interested in the business life you will probably find out during your studies.

    What kinds of experiences did you have from practical training? During my time at VAMK I also worked for Alko in Vaasa. I applied for a summer job position but continued to work there part-time during the autumn when school started again. So the summer job became a permanent part-time position where I did all the store duties. Combining school and work can be tricky sometimes but I managed it well.

    The most memorable experience from your study period? The best memories have been all the classmates I had. Working together in courses was always interesting. VAMK offered plenty of good courses and the teachers were excellent. Many teachers had been in business life before and had practical experience so learning from them was very interesting.

    What is best in Vaasa? Vaasa is a perfect-sized city, so you can bike everywhere in the city. The amount of students is big and what is also nice is that all the universities are in the same area. If you don’t know Vaasa beforehand - don’t be afraid because a lot of people are in the same situation as you when you are moving here.

    Tell about your “normal” work day? My tasks include handling the accounts payable for Wärtsilä´s companies in different countries. The most surprising thing for me has been the level of international experience in the company. Luckily I had a lot of experience from VAMK studying in an international atmosphere with international students and even teachers.

    Your plans for the future? Besides my work I continued my studies in the master´s program in the University of Vaasa. The change to the school “next door” has been easy and the learning that I got from VAMK has given me a good base to start my studies in the master´s program.

    Posted on 12/20/2017.