The academic year has two semesters. The autumn semester generally runs from late August/early September to December, and the spring semester from early January to April/May. There is no summer semester, but some summer courses may be arranged.

    Exchangel students’ semester begins with the Orientation Days which are arranged at the beginning of each semester. Orientation is also arranged for new international degree students at the beginning of the academic year.

    More information also: Schedule for academic year

    Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland apply to the European Credit Transfer System ECTS. According to the system a student´s annual workload is 1600 hours. The workload is arranged evenly between not only different study years in the curriculum but also during the individual study year so that workload will not be excessive. For the student the academic year consists of 40 working weeks. Thus the average workload is 40 hours per week. It includes all the work needed for learning – contact studies, independent studying, practical training, project works and preparation for study performances.

    Public holidays



    New Year's Day

    01 January

    All Saints' Day

    05 November 2022


    06 January

    Independence Day

    06 December

    Good Friday

    15 April 2022

    Christmas Day

    25 December

    Easter Day

    17 April 2022

    Boxing Day

    26 December

    Easter Monday

    18 April 2022



    May Day

    01 May



    Ascension Day

    26 May 2022



    During national holidays all banks are closed as well as some shops. Public transport also follows specific timetables during national holidays.

    Information for exchange students:

    The autumn semester starts in late August or early September and ends before Christmas. In autumn semester 2022 the lectures will start on August 29th. The semester will end on December 19th.

    The spring semester starts in early January and usually ends at the end of April/early May. In spring semester 2023 the lectures will start on January 9th. Most of the courses will end by the end of April.

    Autumn 2022

    Orientation days for incoming exchange students will be arranged on August 25th -26th, 2022.

    Spring 2023

    Orientation day for incoming exchange students will be arranged on early January.