Good employment prospects for those graduating from VAMK

Good employment prospects for those graduating from VAMK

A graduation ceremony held at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences on May 24 celebrated those who graduated from VAMK during the spring 2024. A total of 230 fresh professionals graduated from VAMK during the spring semester, many of whom have already found employment during their studies.

The spring semester at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences culminated in a graduation ceremony on Friday, May 24, 2024. At Palosaari campus, all the skilled future professionals who graduated during the spring were celebrated, of which 189 had completed a Bachelor’s degree and 41 a Master’s degree. Among those who completed a Bachelor’s degree, 73 graduated in the field of Technology, 57 in Business Administration and 59 in Health Care and Social Services.

Ville Isoherranen, Acting President, CEO of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences congratulates all the graduates: “I would like to thank you for choosing VAMK as your place of study. I wish you success and good fortune in the challenges and opportunities of the future. Be brave, stay curious, and always remember that you are still part of the VAMK community, our alumni. Warm congratulations and all the best for your future!”

“The graduation ceremony is a wonderful day for our entire academic community,” rejoices Director of Education Sanna Eronen and extends congratulations to the graduates: “Warm congratulations to each and every graduate, and best wishes for confidence and courage in the future. Today is a time to celebrate!”

A supportive student community balances studies

Laura Lillqvist, a newly graduated nurse is one of the graduates this spring, and she also gave the student speech at the graduation ceremony. In her speech Lillqvist reminisced about starting her studies and how nervous she felt back then. She urged all the graduates to be proud of completing their higher education and congratulated them on their great achievement.
Lillqvist began her nursing studies at VAMK in January 2021, specialising in acute care.

“The studies have been interesting and diverse. COVID-19 impacted my first years of study, leading to the use of various methods and approaches in teaching. I particularly enjoyed the independent written assignments, as they allowed me to practice my own research skills,” Lillqvist says.

During her studies, Lillqvist was actively involved in the student organisation VAMOK. “I participated in various VAMOK events and initially served as a tutor, later becoming the head tutor in 2023. As a member of the student union board, I had the opportunity to observe the unique characteristics of different fields of study and to have some influence on VAMK’s operations,” Lillqvist rejoices.

Gaining work experience during studies

At VAMK, studies are geared towards the needs of working life, and Laura Lillqvist had the opportunity to familiarise herself with various job tasks during her studies. She completed internships in assisted living facilities, different hospital wards, health centers, emergency departments, and even in emergency medical services.

“During my internship periods, I was able to participate in a wide range of tasks and see and do new things. I performed basic nursing care, medical procedures such as taking samples, giving injections, and more demanding medication management”, Lillqvist recalls.

Her most anticipated and favourite internship was in emergency medical services. “There, I got to practice acute care more deeply and witnessed more complex situations, which I got to participate in with my supervisors,” Lillqvist explains.

Many students from Vaasa University of Applied Sciences find employment in the area during their studies, and Lillqvist also worked alongside her studies.

“In the first summers, I worked in assisted living, and afterwards, I did gig work in my various internship places. I feel that there have been plenty of gig work and temporary positions available in the social and health care sector. Even though workdays can be demanding, I manage well because the work is motivating, and my colleagues brighten up the days,” she says.

After graduation, Lillqvist plans to first take a vacation traveling, and then start working. Continuing her studies also appeals to the newly graduated nurse at some point.

“I have tentatively considered studying to become a paramedic at the care level, but at the moment, I don’t feel it’s the right time. I plan to work in acute care for at least a few years and expand my skills on the job,” Lillqvist states.