The VAMK ON AIR podcast

The VAMK ON AIR podcast

The official podcast of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences has now been launched. The podcasts cover important themes related to students, businesses and organisations as well as regional development. Different series delve into interesting and current topics from the perspectives of students, our student union, VAMK staff, and stakeholders.

VAMK’s podcasts are released under two different themes; Smart Insights gathers timely phenomena and content related to VAMK’s research, development, and innovation activities, as well as projects. Smart Learning, on the other hand, provides content related to learning and teaching.

The VAMK ON AIR podcast series is released and can be listened to on the Spotify podcast platform or through VAMK’s Energiaa magazine.

The “Johdon arkea” series highlights current leadership themes

VAMK’s first podcast series, “Johdon arkea”, takes a glimpse into the everyday life of leadership, bringing the listener close to the thoughts, feelings, and perspectives of the top management in the context of higher education. The host of the podcast series is Kati Komulainen, the Rector and CEO of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. In the eight episodes of the series, guests include not only the director of finance and administration but also the director of RDI activities, unit directors, and the communications manager.

There are currently demands for visibility and impact in leadership, especially from the perspective of ethicality and responsibility. In her podcast, Komulainen approaches the broad scope of leadership in a practical and open manner. The series is of interest for anyone interested in leadership. In each episode, the interviewees are asked the question, “Why and how did you become a leader, and who leads your everyday life?”

The first episodes of the “Johdon arkea” series are now available on Vaasa University of Applied Sciences’ Spotify page and in VAMK’s own Energiaa magazine. This podcast series is available only in Finnish.

Come join us to listen and learn something new!


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