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Project information:

Official name of the project: AM-Akatemia (AM-Academy)

Duration of the project: 1.9.2020 - 31.12.2022

Project coordinator: VAMK

Funding: European Regional Development Fund, VASEK

Budget: 224 240 €

Contact person in VAMK:

Sami Elomaa, Senior Lecturer (School of Technology)

tel. +358 207 663 371,

Project code: A77199

RDI platform: Smart Industry

Language: Finnish

Project description

During the already implemented projects, Tulevaisuuden digitaalisen tuotannon ja 3D-valmistuksen osaamiskeskittymän valmistelu (The reparation of the competence center for future digital production and 3D manufacturing) and Energy Vaasa 3D-Center, the parties involved in them have come to the conclusion that the Vaasa region’s 3D competence center operations should become permanent, in order to

a) to secure the vitality and competitiveness of companies and universities in the region,
b) produce skilled labor in the near future for the needs of companies in the region and
c) to prepare to incorporate more significantly than at present, e.g. robotics and automation as part of companies’ production processes in 3D manufacturing.

3D printing is growing rapidly worldwide and it will supplement and change the current so-called traditional established manufacturing methods such as machining, casting and welding. 3D metal printing has developed significantly in recent years, and devices and new materials and application targets are launched e.g., by equipment manufacturers at an accelerating pace. The growing interest of companies in 3D printing can also be observed in the Vaasa region.

In order for higher education institutions to be able to respond to the growing 3D needs of companies and to ensure the continuity of regional 3D competence center operations and to produce a skilled workforce for companies, an AM-Academy is needed alongside the EnergyVaasa 3D Center competence centre.


The main goal of the project is to create an operating model for the AM-Academy to be established, with the students at the center and guided by the teachers of the university of applied sciences and the product experts of the companies in the area. In the preliminary operating model, the product ideas of companies in the area are directed and fed to the AM-Academy for further development by students, from design to 3D printing and even testing. The goal of the project is also to map and challenge the region’s 3D manufacturing industry, as well as companies operating in Ostrobothnia, which do not yet utilize 3D manufacturing/printing, but the prerequisites can be seen. In addition, the use of copper and composite in manufacturing is investigated, and prototypes are printed from them for learning and experimentation purposes. The goal at the end of the project is that the AM-Academy’s activities support and complement the activities of both the Energy Vaasa 3D-Center and the Wärtsilä AM-Campus in such a way that it is appropriate and necessary, producing added value for companies in the region with its activities, and strengthening the vitality and 3D status of the Vaasa region.


As a result of the project, an operating model for the AM Academy will be created. The operating model created in the project can be duplicated and implemented in other universities and educational institutions, where it is desired to find a working way for cooperation between students, universities, and companies in RDI activities. The second result is a listing of at least 50 companies operating in Ostrobothnia that do not yet utilize 3D manufacturing/printing, but good qualifications and opportunities could be seen. At least five of these companies have received product ideas for students for further development.

In the short term, with the help of the project’s work packages, the 3D skills and knowledge of companies, students and Vaasa University of Applied Sciences will be increased, and cooperation will be intensified. In the longer term, a positive image of the Vaasa region as a pioneer in 3D manufacturing and printing in Finland will be strengthened. This significantly improves the recruitment and retention of new students in the Vaasa region, who are interested in high-quality education through up-to-date 3D information and its application/implementation for companies through AM-Academy’s activities, as well as the opportunity for a good job.

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