Business expertise for the battery value chain

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Project information:

Official name of the project: Business expertise for the battery value chain (Liiketalousosaamista akkuarvoketjulle)

Duration of the project: 5.5.2023 - 31.10.2024

Project coordinator: VAMK

Funding: SECLE

Budget: 52 500 €

Contact person in VAMK:

Teemu Myllylä, Senior Lecturer (School of Business)

tel. +358 207 663 329,

Project code: OPH-4586-2022

RDI platform: Smart Industry, Smart City

Language: English

Project description

The training meets the new verified skills needs of the labor market, which are needed as the battery industry grows. The studies are oriented towards working life, and it is possible to complete them alongside work. The training is aimed at both working people and people outside the labor market. The teaching is carried out as real-time distance teaching, which is recorded and/or as guided online courses. The training is organized as one continuous implementation. The offered study courses have such a level of requirements that they can be counted towards a lower university degree.


The goal is to train 25 students who potentially work in the battery industry with the help of three courses. The studies have a scope of 15 credits, and the whole consists of three study cycles, which are 5 credits in scope:

  1. Energy storage business models, 5 credits
  2. Giga project management, 5 credits
  3. Battery business logistics, 5 credits

Participants can participate in one or more study courses, or they can complete the entire study unit if they wish.


After the training, the participants know the business models of energy storage, know the basics of managing a giga project and master the logistics of the battery business. The participants improve their employment opportunities in the battery industry business, and can function better in their existing job in the battery industry after deepening their understanding of the battery industry’s operating methods.