Hydrogen economy

Project information:

Official name of the project: The competence needs brought about by the restructuring of energy production: Hydrogen economy

Duration of the project: 1.8.2023 - 31.12.2025

Project coordinator: Vaasa Univeristy of Applied Sciences

Project partners: Turku Univeristy of Applied Sciences

Funding: SECLE

Contact person in VAMK:

Ossi Koskinen, Principal Lecturer (School of Business)

tel. +358 207 663 607, ossi.koskinen@vamk.fi

Project code: OPH-3911-2022

RDI platform: Smart Industry

Language: Finnish

Project description

Training meets the new skills needs of the labor market, which are needed in the green transition. The studies are oriented towards working life and it is possible to complete them alongside work. The training is based on the knowledge of the hydrogen economy acquired in previous R&D projects (e.g. H2 Ecosystems for Ostrobothnia, Virtual Hydrogen and Ammonia Testing Platform – VIVA) and an understanding of the training needs of industry. The need for training has also emerged in cooperation with strategic partners, business partners and advisory boards.


The goal is to form a study unit of 30 credits, in which approximately 100 students can participate. The study unit consists of six study cycles, which are carried out three times:

  1. Production of hydrogen, 5 credits
  2. Production and procurement of electrical energy, 5 credits.
  3. Hydrogen transport and storage, 5 credits
  4. Use of hydrogen, 5 credits
  5. P2X; Synthetic fuels from hydrogen, 5 credits
  6. Hydrogen Business and Environment, 5 credits


The scope of the education is a total of 30 credits (VAMK 15 credits + Turku AMK 15 credits). The whole consists of 6 study periods, which are 5 credits in scope (student workload 135 h/study period). 100 students can be admitted to the training. The training is organized in three implementations. The offered study courses are of such a level that they can be counted towards a lower university degree.

The training is aimed at working people or people outside the labor market. The teaching is carried out as real-time distance learning and/or guided online courses. The target area is the whole of Finland. There are 4 lessons per one credit point and the main focus of the student’s workload is on working life-oriented applied hydrogen economy tasks and self-study materials. The goal is that the hydrogen know-how acquired in the training period can be widely scaled to different industries. Participants can participate in one or more study courses or complete the entire study unit if they wish.

Video: What is hydrogen?

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