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Project information:

Official name of the project: INCREDIT - Interdisciplinary Creative Education in Deep Tech

Duration of the project: 1.5.2023 - 31.7.2024

Project coordinator: Aalto University

Project partners: Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, Hanken School of Economics, Umeå University, Universidad Internacional de La Rioja

Funding: European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)

Budget: 128 687 €

Contact person in VAMK:

Tero Ulvinen, Senior Lecturer (School of Business)

tel. +358 207 663 644,

RDI Platform: Smart Well-Being, Smart Industry, Smart City,

Language: English

Project description

INCREDIT aims to make deep-tech more approachable for both students and educators across Europe, creating more opportunities for students to connect with the deep tech sector, supporting deep tech start-ups, and driving innovation within the field. By connecting HEIs (Higher Education Institutions) practicing experiential and interdisciplinary learning with industry partners and start-ups, INCREDIT develops knowledge and skills relevant to deep tech, bolstering the employment pool for the deep tech industry

The project brings together 5 universities from 3 different countries (Finland: Aalto University, Hanken School of Economics, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, Sweden: Umeå University, and Spain: Universidad Internacional de La Rioja), as well as a wide range of public, private, and non-governmental organizations and institutions.


INCREDIT aims to increase the innovation and entrepreneurial capacity of the consortium by building a consortium to support EIT HEI Initiative’s Deep Tech Talent Initiative based on the following approaches, 1) interdisciplinary approach, 2) practice-based collaboration, 3) life-wide learning opportunities and 4) a well networked and integrated ecosystem.


  • The supporting of 2 startups in Phase 1 by connecting them with an interdisciplinary group of students.
    • The number of startups will be increased to 3 for Phase 2, outlining our interest and focus on working closely with industry and market.
  • Training and educating at least 360 students in Phase 1 across our consortium.
    • Number will be increased to a minimum of 390 students for Phase 2
  • The mentoring of at least 45 students in Phase 1, whereby mentoring is the action of additional support and guidance being provided to the students on the topics outlined within the student training, and with the mentoring being provided on an individual, team, or classroom level.
    • Number will be increased to a minimum of 60 students for Phase 2
  • Training of 50 academic (15 mentored), and 50 non-academic staff (15 mentored) on topics related to the integration of deep-tech orientation within their existing educational offerings.
    • In phase 2, we will train 50 academic, and 50 non-academic staff, while also increasing the number of staff mentored to a minimum of 20 in each category.
  • Exploration and Development of 1 new partnership in Phase 1, and a subsequent 4 in Phase 2
  • Exploration and development of additional deep-tech oriented support structures to explore and develop additional competences to the Aalto Works Initiative. In Phase 1 we will target 1 improved structure, and 2 for Phase 2.

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