A year of development and progress 

The year 2021 at VAMK revolved around the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and learning new things. However, during the year, the challenges turned into opportunities.

– President, CEO Kati Komulainen

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542 degrees

Employment of students 89.2%

189 publications

346 international students

Equity ratio 73.2%

Carbon footprint 553.7 t CO2e

Green transition in technology education

Society is moving towards carbon neutrality, and this is also reflected in VAMK’s activities. Our aim is to produce experts who contribute to sustainable development.

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Together we keep our region vigorous

VAMK’s eventful year in RDI activities was marked by the launch of a new RDI programme, the establishment of completely new research platforms and lively project and publication activities. MUOVA is VAMK’s one-of-a-kind innovation unit, which acts as a link between the research world and SMEs. 2021 was a year of many successes.

Highlights of the year

In 2021, VAMK’s sustainable development programme was updated, the Ethical Code of Conduct was published at the end of the year, and VAMK received the Quality Label from its audit, with particular praise for its focus on working life.

Responsibility is caring for eachother

Responsibility is caring for eachother

VAMK is committed to strong ethical and responsible activities. Our goal is to build and ensure a community where everyone can trust that operations are ethically sustainable.

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Financial statements 2021 

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