What's up, Annika Hissa?

Annika Hissa

Annika Hissa

Annika Hissa, director of Muova, tells about her insights and experiences about ongoing projects, what inspires Muova’s team, and her overall feeling about working at Muova.

Which are some of the recent inspiring works at Muova having a large-scale impact?

Most of our projects are international and have a lasting impact on several groups of stakeholders. To mention a few projects, I would start with:


In this project, ECOLABNET network was established in the Baltic Sea region to support eco-innovations through bio-based materials, additive manufacturing technologies, eco-branding, and product-service system design linked to business models.

The project had eleven partners from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Lithuanian, Poland and Sweden. Design Centre MUOVA was the lead partner of the project. The project was carried out 2019-2022. The total budget was 2,2 million € and was funded by Interreg Baltic Sea Region program under the priority of Innovation. The acquired knowledge and networks of this project resulted in a new project, Ecoboat. The project’s main goal is to create conditions for the boat industry to move from a linear economic model towards circular economy.

Read more about Ecolabnet project at Muova’s website



Muova also offers help to companies facing challenging times due to covid-19 or other market disturbers. The aim of the React2Market project is to strengthen the ability of the employees of industrial micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the Ostrobothnia region to respond to rapid changes in the operating environment through agile and market-oriented operating methods.

The concrete goal of the project is to develop a learning path tool to support agile and market-oriented development in the everyday life of companies. The project is funded by the European Union’s ESR – European Social Fund.


Erasmus + projects such as Kaleidoscope, Reboot and Service digiculture, are carried along with international partners across Europe and final results are available in multiple EU languages, making it accessible to a large group of people. Erasmus + projects provide tools to develop soft skills and entrepreneurial skills and hence these projects are attractive to many countries. These projects focus on creating educational packages and hence have been a starting point for Muova’s education export plans.

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What makes Muova unique?

Our activities can be discribed as a model, that we call a constantly renewing innovation platform. Muova’s RDI activities support the renewal of society and the region’s business life. Applied research projects create new understanding and knowledge to renew organisations. This competence is utilised in development and training projects that further develop methods and operating models. These new methods are  introduced in business services and thus this innovation expertise is implemented to working life.  Continuous interaction with companies helps us to identify development and research needs arising from companies and organizations. These are utilised in project planning, so that the project proposals correspond to the future challenges of companies.  Companies are also linked to research and development projects.

Also the people and the atmosphere, make Muova unique. In Muova’s team, everyone is united by a strong passion, professional identity and personal mission to achieve good results. The atmosphere is curious and caring. When you enter to Muova, you can sense the enthusiasm and can-do attitude.

What inspires you every day?

The people. It has always been the fantastic and talented people that make it rewarding to be part of this organization. They inspire me every day. They are aiming to reach a new level, eager to learn more, and help each other grow. The atmosphere is curious and caring. When you enter Muova, you can sense the can-do attitude. Different projects in different fields help us to get out of our comfort zone and learn new things. The fact that we can influence our work, and drive it in the most meaningful direction is very inspiring. Helping companies and the society around us with our projects and our work is the driving force for us and keeps us motivated.

Challenges as an organization?

People are usually involved in many projects at the same time and it can be challenging at times to cope with the pace as it demands a lot from the people. I hope we can strive in this environment along with maintaining the well-being, motivation and the unique enthusiasm of the team members.

Internationality at Muova?

We are very glad to have an international team at Muova that helps us to grow. Having an international team helps in understanding different cultures, gives us new perspectives and introduces us to new ways of working. I believe, that having international people in Muova makes us more powerful and multidimensional as a team.

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