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VAMK students' theses are mainly project-based, i.e. they are research and development assignments from business operators.

The thesis applies the theoretical knowledge acquired during the studies to the practical requirements of working life. In the course of preparing the thesis, the student demonstrates their readiness to work in independent expert tasks in their field of education.

The thesis teaches criticality, project work, independent knowledge acquisition, creativity and the ability to solve problems. Often the thesis also acts as a bridge to working life, as the first job is often found along with the thesis.

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School of Business

  • Business Economics, International Business and Business Information Technology: Marianne Waltermann, Head of Department

School of Technology

  • Mechanical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Environmental Engineering: Lotta Saarikoski, Head of Department
  • Electrical Engineering, Information Technology: Juha Nieminen, Head of Department

School of Health Care and Social Services


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