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Trainee, your future team member?

Your company can inform VAMK students about job, internship, summer job or thesis vacancies in our recruitment bank. We will send information about vacancies in the recruitment bank to students and staff by e-mail around twice a month.

Announce your traineeship in our recruitment bank

Train and engage the best talents on time

Traineeships are part of a degree and are an excellent way to familiarise and engage the best people in the workplace while they are still studying. Everyone benefits: the student learns the tasks of his or her profession, VAMK gets up-to-date information on the needs of working life, and employers get an enthusiastic workforce with the latest knowledge in the field.

How to recruit a trainee to your organisation?

A work placement as part of your degree is an excellent way to get to know future professionals during your studies. For the student, it is an opportunity to develop into increasingly demanding tasks. During the traineeship, the student gets a guided introduction to jobs and workplaces in his or her field.

Employers can send an application to the UAS supervisors, which should include a brief description of the company, the type of work for which the trainee is being sought and other conditions of the traineeship, such as possible salary.

The student contacts the employer directly and they agree on the terms of the traineeship. The student will write a report on the placement, including a self-assessment of the achievement of the objectives set for the period. A work or traineeship certificate is issued for the traineeship.

Traineeships are the most cost-effective form of recruitment.



  • Liiketalous: Jukka Niittykoski, koulutuspäällikkö
  • Tietojenkäsittely: Antti Mäkitalo, lehtori
  • International Business: Erik Wahlman, lehtori
  • Oikeushallinto: Marika Teirfolk-Naarmala, lehtori
  • Kansainvälinen kauppa: Leena Pommelin-Andrejeff, lehtori
  • Markkinointi: Heidi Skjäl, lehtori
  • Taloushallinto: Riikka Mäkelä, lehtori

Health Care and Social Services

  • Riitta Häyry, koulutuspäällikkö


  • Energiatekniikka, ympäristöteknologia, konetekniikka: Riitta Niemelä, koulutuspäällikkö
  • Sähkö- ja automaatiotekniikka: Seppo Mäkinen, koulutuspäällikkö
The training should contribute to
  • internalisation of what has been learned
  • increase the student’s professional skills
  • develop professional skills
  • familiarise the student with the workplace and the organisational culture
  • increase motivation to study
  • give the employer and the student the opportunity to get to know each other
  • contribute to future employment

The scope of the traineeships in technical education is 30 credits, which corresponds to 20 working weeks. In practice, the internship lasts the whole summer from the beginning of May to the end of August.

Traineeships in business are 30 credits, equivalent in time to 20 weeks of work.

The scope of the traineeship is 45 credits in Social Services and 85-105 credits in nursing.

An international degree student as a trainee?

In global competition, it is worth using all options

An international student is a specialist in the language and culture of his or her country. During the years of study, they will also become familiar with Finnish culture.

  • Is your company planning to expand abroad?
  • Are foreign contacts important for your company, but do you have difficulties in establishing them, for example because of language problems?
  • Are you working on projects in Asia or Africa, for example, and need someone who knows the local culture?
  • Would you like to improve the language skills of your staff?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, would you benefit from an international trainee?

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences has 200 international degree and exchange students from around 45 countries studying in our English-language business and technology degree programmes. Among them, you may well find exactly what you need.

As a centre and exporter of high technology, as well as a city of tourism, Vaasa offers an excellent framework for a degree traineeship. However, our international students are an under-utilised resource in the Vaasa region’s economy. In recent years, we have therefore tried to improve the opportunities for foreign degree students to carry out their traineeships in the Vaasa region.