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    Apply 5.1.-19.1.2022 studyinfo

    Studies commence in autumn 2022.


    Application periods

    Applying to programmes conducted in English at polytechnics/UAS takes place through a system of joint application at Prospective students can apply to six different degree programmes at polytechnics/UAS using the same application form.

    Learn more about our degree programmes:

    Information Technology (Bachelor of Engineering)

    International Business (Bachelor of Business Administration)

    Project Management (Master of Engineering)

    International Business Management MBA (Master on Business Administration)

    Cloud-Based Software Engineering


  is the official and up-to-date website with all the information about study programmes leading to a degree in Finland. At you can find information on different degrees and qualifications and learn about studies in educational institutions in Finland.


    Joint application, spring 2022

    • 5.1. – 19.1.2022 For the bachelor degree programmes in Information Technology and International Business and master DP in Business Management
    • 16.3. – 30.3.2022 For the degree programmes in Finnish  and for master programmes in Project Management (M.Eng) and Cloud-Based Software Engineering (M.Eng)

    Separate application through Open UAS path studies

    • Application period 15.5.-31.5 (at
    • Application period 15.11.-30.11 (at

    Renewed Right to Study, separate application

    • 1.3.-31.5 to studies commencing in autumn (at Studyinfo)
    • 1.9.-30.11 to atudies commencing in spring (at Studyinfo)

    Transfer Application to VAMK

    • 1.-15.5 to studies commencing in autumn (at Studyinfo) 
    • 1.-15.11 to studies commencing in spring (at Studyinfo)

    Transfer is only possible for a student who already owns the right to study in some Finnish University of Applied Sciences (UAS) or University.


    Apply at

    Applying to programmes conducted in English at VAMK takes place through a system of joint application at

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    Application Steps - Who, Where and How?

    There are some things you need to know, but it is a straightforward process. Fear not, we'll walk you through it.

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    How to Apply for Exchange

    Are you interested in studying at VAMK as an exchange student?

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