Our pledge: We will continuously create and develop innovative solutions towards a more sustainable future in cooperation with our extensive partner network at a local, regional, national and global level.

VAMK's sustainable development and responsibility program published



Vaasa University of Applied Sciences' first sustainable devel-opment and responsibility programme was drafted in 2011. That was ten years ago. In the ten years since, issues of sustainable development and responsibility have only become more topical.

We are committed to the sustainable development and re-sponsibility programme of the Rectors' Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences Arene. In this programme, we highlight the promises and measures that we are focusing on in particular here at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences.

Sustainable development and responsibility are key themes for us. The education that we provide and the R&D that we carry out contribute actively to tackling these challenges. We want our entire community to participate in building a more sustain-able world in their respective roles. These are challenges that we cannot leave for the next generation to solve; they must be tackled now.

Students and stakeholders, partners, we want you all to be able to trust that our cooperation is built upon a sustainable and responsible vision and operating methods.

This is a journey that we are on. That is something that we all recognise. This programme is a major step towards our publicly announced goals. We will be updating the programme annually. Let us build a sustainable future together.


Kati Komulainen

president, CEO


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Posted on 01/14/2022.