Vaasa University of Applied Sciences remained committed to purposeful development in 2023. Several development themes were advanced in both education and RDI activities. All these efforts support VAMK’s vision of being the main partner in expertise. We create competitive advantage for key industry stakeholders by coaching future professionals and providing cutting-edge insights.

In 2023, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences welcomed new unit directors in the School of Technology and Social and in the School of Health Care, enabling the strategic development of units to reach new heights. The year 2023 was marked as the year of Enterprise Services development. The most visible aspect was the construction of a new key partnership model, with initial partnerships progressing towards partnership agreements.

Towards the end of 2023, we initiated both a guidance development project and systematic pedagogical development through course feedback. Timely and data-driven guidance will henceforth be at the core of our operations to ensure timely graduation in every degree program. Guidance must support the progress of studies within each course. Course feedback serves as the catalyst for developing the student experience, driving educational enhancement for each course. A positive student experience is crucial, and we work closely with students and industry to ensure that studying becomes an experience that also fosters a tight-knit and proud alumni community.

I want to thank our entire staff for the year 2023! Through excellent teamwork, we are ready for future developmental steps.

Ville Isoherranen
Acting President and CEO