Why is a communication strategy needed?

  • The communication strategy supports the realization of the organization’s overall strategic goals: the same values, target groups, vision, mission, and business objectives. The organization’s challenges, risks, and operating environment have been openly identified and assessed.
  • Based on these, strategic choices can be made in communication; what things, services, or products do we absolutely want to bring to the attention of our target audiences this year, what kind of message, language, and channels do we use. Whose voice do we use for interaction?
  • Do we leverage external influencers?
  • The communication strategy defines and sets boundaries for the entirety of communication.
  • In the communication strategy, the organization’s current state, resources, and target state for the next 3-5 years are defined. The annual communication plan, goals, and budget are separate.

Communication values







The mission and role of communication

  • We actively, enthusiastically, and interactively communicate about our activities using modern means. Every member of the organization is an ambassador of our brand.
  • The communication unit is responsible for planning, implementing, and developing media communication, marketing, online communication, and social media channel usage.
  • The communication unit supports the entire organization in communication by serving as a coach for experts and management, providing assistance and training, and advising and guiding experts and management.
  • The communication unit, administrative unit, and training units together are responsible for internal communication, which involves communication within the work community.

Measuring Communication

  • The effectiveness of communication and its outcomes are regularly assessed and reported: Monthly, quarterly, and annual measurements are conducted to evaluate how and where key messages have been received, the tone of media coverage and social media visibility, and the extent to which visibility drives traffic to the organization’s website.
  • Actions are measured at three different levels:
  1. Paid media visibility
  2. In-house media and communication
  3. Earned media attention
  • Actions are developed based on results – aiming for anticipation.
  • Various tools are used for monitoring and measurement, such as media monitoring, website analytics, social media analysis tools, and content analysis focused on specific themes. Monitoring tools are continuously being developed and improved.

Haasteet ja mittaaminen

Key messages

The most important partner in expertise

-Our goal is to bring together the best future professionals and employers.

We are a societal influencer:

  • We engage in development work based on the needs of the working life.
  • At the core of our operations are empathy, courage, openness, and problem-solving abilities – we are part of a regional dynamic ecosystem.
  • We are a socially sustainable partner.

We are an internationally recognized university of applied sciences known for its strong sense of community.

Strategic priorities in communication

  • Continuous visibility in marketing: We offer flexible learning opportunities for different target groups in various life situations (continuous learning).
  • Attracting international talent through applicant marketing and agent collaboration: We produce international professionals.
  • Highlighting VAMK’s distinctive competencies: Key RDI projects and collaboration platforms.
  • Student and alumni success stories: Emphasizing storytelling in content creation.

Actively networking with local stakeholders. We are an active participant – we listen to our stakeholders. As an authentic and open organization, we build societal dialogue and interaction.

Avainviestit ja strateegiset painopisteet

Communication goals

  • Improved brand visibility and attractiveness nationally and internationally.
  • Introducing Finland and Vaasa as a desirable place to study for international students (especially countries outside the EU/EEA). Clear target countries in international marketing based on data.
  • Social impact – our news headlines for the media are driven by our leading research and innovation platforms, collaboration with businesses and organizations, student success stories, and sustainability and responsibility communication.
  • Interactive internal work community communication.
  • Communication is planned and proactive.


Desired image

As a sympathetic and dynamic actor, we attract both national and international talents to the Vaasa region.

We are a desired partner. We are known as an active collaborator and a bold trendsetter. Our operations have a genuine societal impact.