We started the year of business service development by mapping the current offerings in our business services. Business services have already been offered at VAMK for several years, but during the theme year, we focused on further developing our operations so that we could serve the needs of our region’s businesses and industry even better.

The three core missions of a university of applied sciences are education, RDI and regional development. Business Services, at its best, combines these core missions seamlessly. We actively offer both continuous learning and consultancy services to companies on current themes within our areas of expertise: Business, Technology, Health Care and Social Services as well as Design. Naturally digitalisation is of interest, and for example our robotics trainings are very requested.

We have strong track record of providing a wide range of measurement and testing services through our research and development laboratory Technobothnia, in close collaboration with companies. Often these services also lead to development needs, which we solve in collaboration with companies through projects as well as separate assignments.

Naturally, students are a great asset for us. Also, through student assignments, we collaborate closely with the local business community. This provides students with excellent opportunities to tackle real-life challenges in the workplace and, at the same time, create future career paths for themselves.

Key Partnership Program

During 2023, we launched a new Key Partnership Program to further strengthen our collaboration with the local business and organisations. The main theme of the Key Partnership Program is to support businesses in their sustainable and responsible development. Collaboration with a university of applied sciences also helps companies attract the best talents in the field, and participate in innovative research, development, and innovation projects.

With the theme year, our Business Services grew both in terms of content and revenue. We want to thank all our partners and customers for this achievement; without you, we would not have achieved these results. Our development work will continue in 2024 with an even more customer-centric approach. We aim to provide forward-thinking insights and support to the actors in our region amidst the rapid changes in the operating environment. We promise to be an even better partner, educator, developer, consultant, and measurer in the future.

Jenna Puska
Business Services Manager