Brand personas are crucial for understanding the target audience and planning marketing, providing guidelines for content creation and product development. They can also be utilised in community building and brand personalisation, creating a human and approachable image of the organisation. By using brand personas to support their work, an organisation can better understand and serve their target audience, as well as build stronger and more sustainable relationships with customers and stakeholders.

Understanding the Target Audience:

Brand personas help to visualise what kind of people our target audience represents and what interests them. This aids in designing targeted marketing and communication strategies.

Guiding Content Production:

Brand personas provide guidelines for content creation and marketing communication. Knowing what topics and approaches resonate with the target audience represented by the brand persona allows for the creation of relevant and engaging content.

Product and Service Development:

Using brand personas helps in better understanding customers’ needs and expectations. This information can be leveraged in product and service development to create solutions that meet the needs and interests of the target audience.

Brand Personalisation:

Brand personas help the brand gain a human and personal dimension, making it more attractive and approachable to the target audience.

International Student Recruitment

Bravin taustalla



Career prospects enabled by the degree, a good salary and standard of living.

Bravin is interested in the concrete career opportunities in the professional world, especially in Finland. He wants to hear inspiring stories from former students who have built successful careers in the country. Emphasising employment and opportunities offered by international companies is important to this person.

Bravin values the high employment rate of VAMK graduates and wants to know how the acquired skills can open doors to international companies. Student life is not the focus, but internship and exchange opportunities are significant. Career guidance and support in the early stages of a career are important to him.

Vaasa and its internationality particularly interest Bravin. He wants to know what Vaasa offers in terms of career opportunities and how the city can open doors to an international professional life.

  • Degree: Bachelor’s and Master’s
  • Target markets: India, Vietnam, Middle East


Duc taustalla

Value-Driven Changemaker


Guided by strong values, sustainable development and responsibility. Interested in societal wellbeing and the future.

Duc is deeply committed to promoting sustainable development and the wellbeing of communities. His decisions are guided by strong values such as responsibility and future-oriented thinking. He is particularly interested in societal diversity and wants to see concrete actions that embody these values.

As a student, financial flexibility is important to him, such as the possibility of utilising the Early Bird discount. He also values opportunities to work alongside his studies, demonstrating his commitment and ability to balance study and work life.

Vaasa’s multicultural community particularly resonates with Duc. He wants to see influencer content, such as podcasts and influencer communications, that address ethics, values, and equality.

Duc expects VAMK to practically represent these values, such as commitment to sustainable development and reducing the carbon footprint. He envisions his future career in Vaasa’s energy sector cluster.

  • Degree: Bachelor (especially in Energy Technology)
  • Target markets: Asia and Africa

Miriam taustalla

Seeker of a Good Life


Strongly values the balance between work and leisure.

Miriam emphasises the balance between work and leisure in life. She seeks inspiration from student and alumni stories, especially those that discuss internships and employment in companies and organisations.

She wants to know how student life and recreational opportunities enrich daily life in Vaasa. She seeks a practical understanding of life in Finland and its diverse opportunities for combining work, leisure, and family.

Miriam aims to find a lifestyle that offers both professional development and personal happiness.

  • Degree: Bachelor’s and Master’s
  • Target markets:Asia, Africa, Middle East

Nermine taustalla

Active Networker


Seeks extensive networks through studies with other students, teachers, and the professional world.

Nermine is an active networker who wants to build broad connections within the student community and in the professional world. She seeks inspiration from student and alumni stories, career paths, and entrepreneurship in Finland through her studies.

Exchange study opportunities are important to her, as well as student life and various networks like VAMOK and ESN. She is active on social media and interested in serving as a student ambassador for VAMK.

Nermine aims for employment opportunities in international companies and start-ups. She is interested in the international aspect of Vaasa and wants to hear about the city’s opportunities.

The whole world is her playground, and she is ready to share her experiences in Finland with her networks worldwide.

  • Degree: Bachelor’s and Master’s (especially in Business Administration)
  • Target markets:Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America