Study trips

The purpose of the study trips and excursions is to familiarise the students with the working life contexts, exhibitions and other settings comparable to these. Excursions longer than one day are mainly intended for the students about to complete their studies.

Excursions during the terms are usually permitted only to targets in Finland and they must always take place under the supervision of the teacher.

The application on the excursion must be submitted to the Head of Degree no later than a week prior to the beginning of the excursion. The application must include at least:

  • the program of the excursion with the timetable and the object of the trip
  • the name of the supervising teacher
  • the name of the studet in charge of the trip
  • an account of the teaching arrangements altered due to the trip with the confirmation of the teachers concerned
  • the cost estimate for the excursion

Among the classes allocated in the weekly schedule for the time of the excursion, only the classes of the teacher supervising are considered as held for the group concerned. VAMK may participate in covering the expenses of the trip by application.