Practical training instructions and forms in the School of Heath Care and Social Services

Goals of practical training

Training aims to a broad understanding of the field and its meaning. Student is to get acquainted with practicing professional tasks in different working environments, increasing both theoretical and practical knowledge as well as professional ethics.

Practical training also gives valuable knowledge about organization culture, social relations and working as a group member.

Each training period has curricular objectives, and each student sets their own goals, with the teacher assessing the practical training.


Instructions and Guidelines


During training period the student is working under the same laws and rules of professional secrecy as the professionals. This confidentiality remains after the traininf period.


Healthcare and social services are based on high ethical and philosophical standards, which rely on confidentiality, security, justice, safety, honesty, humanity, dignity, individuality and autonomy. Every patient has the right to equally good care.

Vaccinations and health hecks

All trainees have to be vaccinated against:

  • MPR I ja II (measles-mumps-rubella)
  • Tetanus-D (tetanus-diphteria)
  • Pertussis (when working with infants)
  • Chicken pox
  • Seasonal influenza

Labs required:

  • Salmonella test, when working amongst neo-natal unit, premature babies or children. The cultivation must be less than 1 month old.
  • MRSA test, if the trainee has been working or as patient abroad OR in endemic care unit in Finland over the past 12 months.
  • Thorax CT, if you have been in risky contact with a person with TB.

All health checks must be taken at least three weeks before the training period. Please contact your local health care unit for more information.

Finding your traineeship

How to get a traineeship

Practical training can take place in various working environments depending on your degree programme, study period and learning priorities. VAMK wants to make sure you will get acquainted with different jobs in healthcare and social services.

The traineeships are mainly provided by the Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. Practical training takes place in Vaasa area, including Laihia and Mustasaari.

In advanced social welfare studies, you will have to find the training place yourself. This must be done during the semester preceding the training period. The student finds out, if the trainin place is available in the Jobiili system. You can find all the Vaasa Hospital District units in Jobiili. Vaasa City traineeships are not in Jobiili.

For more info on practical training, ask your practice coordinator.


Practical training abroad

Practical training abroad

Practical training abroad usually takes place during summers or when it is scheduled in your programme. A student who wants to complete his practical training abroad is in most cases independently responsible for finding the placement. In Health Care and Social Services students can complete some of their trainings arranged by the partner university of VAMK. Questions concerning the content and requirements of practical trainings can be recieved from the person who is responsible for practical training in your department.

For more information check out the following possibilities:

Practical Training with Erasmus+

In addition to the traditional student exchange you as a student have an opportunity to do practical training abroad in the Europe, in so called Erasmus countries with the support of an Erasmus+ grant. If you are a full-time degree student at VAMK and fill the Erasmus requirements, you can apply for an Erasmus+ grant.

The training period can range from 3 to 12 months. The training must be included in your studies.

The Erasmus Intern Traineeship Portal, developed by the Erasmus Student Network, is one option to help you find an Erasmus+ Traineeship.

The Erasmus training grant must be applied before May 31st for trainings which start before September.

Grant has to be applied before the training has started.


For more information, please contact the International Coordinators of VAMK.


UNIFI Placements

UNIFI (Finnish National Agency for Education) is also coordinating International practical training. UNIFI plans and initiates practical training programmes, which are mainly based on agreements between Finland and other countries. UNIFI forwards the applications received to cooperating organizations, which coordinate placements. Your employment is decided upon by the receiving company in the target country. In addition to its own programmes UNIFI coordinates other programmes and provides information about international practical training.

Placement and opportunities that are available through UNIFI=Finnish National Agency for Education are introduced on this page.


UNIFI Trainee Exchange

UNIFI trainee exchange is normally paid (minimum salary) and the applicant should apply only for the places that are in his/her field of study. UNIFI has trainee exchange places all around the World. Placements are in the following fields: Business, Economics and Administration, Hotel and Restaurant business, Tourism, Humanities, Technology, Social Services and Health Care. There are also places available which are for students of almost any field, for example, the training places in EU administration.

Placements in International Organisations

Information about placements in international organizations is available from UNIFI. The placements are normally for 1-6 months, and are related to organizations dealing with European integration. Organisations’ own application forms are used and they are submitted directly to the organisation.

Business students can apply for placements in Business Finland trade centres around the world. Business Finland provides services, support and information to help Finnish companies enter the international market. Placements are related to the internationalisation of companies; market research, information, etc.

Finnish embassies and chambers of commerce have places for business students and graduates. Placements are 6 months in duration. The places are posted on UNIFI web page with requirements and application details.


Nordjobb is an exchange programme for citizens of Nordic countries between the ages of 18 and 28. Pohjola-Norden organization arranges work placements through Nordjobb in the Nordic countries. The length of the exchange varies from 4 weeks to 5 months during the months of May and September. Application period is from January to May. Pohjola-Norden will arrange the placement and accommodation. Knowledge of Swedish, Norwegian or Danish compulsory.

More information:

Terve Afrikka – Health Care and Social Services

VAMK participates in Terve Afrikka network. Students of the School of Health Care and Social Services can apply for placements in Uganda and Kenya through this network. Placements are for 3 months. The application deadline is usually in mid-February. More information from the International Affairs.

Other Practical Training Programmes

Local employment offices (TE-toimisto) provide an EURES- service, which coordinates available jobs in European (EU and EEA) countries.

Work-related links

Some links to information sources about working and related issues: