VAMK is actively developing and implementing network-based teaching. eLearning environments/platforms used on virtual courses enables flexible interaction between students and teachers. eLearning Platforms are also widely used to support traditional classroom teaching.

In addition to providing the student with study material, a network-based course can contain timetables, tests and results. E-mail, discussion lists real-time discussion tools and real-time audiovisual tools promote interaction between both students themselves and the teacher.

VAMK has two different eLearning environments on use at the moment: traditional eLearning Platform Moodle and Funet Miitti (Zoom video conferencing service).


Campus Online offers the selection of online courses by more than twenty Finnish universities of applied sciences. The portal allows students to choose courses offered by other universities of applied sciences and include them in their degree, free of charge.

Portal contains basic information on the courses. Each course has a link to the website of the UAS in question, where you can find more specific information on the implementation and enrol to the course.


PURO service

You can transfer your studies to the home university of applied sciences. Submit the transfer request in PURO as soon as the course is finished.

You can send your study attainments (CampusOnline) in the Puro service with the user ID of your home institution. Transferred studies will be registered to Peppi as free choice studies. Handling time is apprx 1-7 days. If you want to replace compulsory studies with CampusOnline studies please apply for a normal credit transfer.