Registration for study unit

Each student who wants to participate in a particular study period must register for the study period through PAKKI system, and in addition be present at the first contact teaching class. The registration is a precondition for completing the study period.


The student may be refused admission to a particular study period, if the student is not grounded well enough and the level of attainment is considered insufficient. Decline of admission takes place especially in case lack of sufficient grounding for completing the study period may involve a security risk due to lacking knowledge.


Starting professional specialisation studies

The requirement for the student to assume professional specialisation studies is the completion of the study periods of the first study year. In Business economics the professional specialisation studies commence on the second year of study, in Technology in the third. Within the field of Health and social services, the professional basic studies must be entirely completed prior to starting professional specialisation studies.

Measuring Student Workload

The studies are planned and delivered in study periods that form the basic unit with studies. Study periods are credited with ECTS credits, cr. One ECTS credit is equivalent to about 27 hours of student work. This can consist of contact lessons, online learning, group work, independent study, preparation for exams, exams, etc.

Bachelor´s thesis

The polytechnic degree includes a Thesis study unit, the scope of which is 15 credits and objective is to develop and demonstrate the student’s readiness to utilise their knowledge and skills in professional studies and in tasks of an expert in the field of study. The scope of the thesis in the higher polytechnic degree is 30 credits. The Thesis study unit comprises the selection of the topic, acquiring the required knowledge and skills, drawing up and implementing the thesis plan, participation in the thesis seminars, reporting, presentation of the thesis and assessment of the thesis. A maturity test is also written on the topic of the thesis. More information concerning thesis can be found in the following address:


Supplementary teaching

In addition to the basic teaching that is included in the study period, additional teaching can be offered for those students that encounter exceptionally great difficulties in meeting the minimum requirements as set in the curriculum for the degree programme. Initiation for arranging the remedial teaching can be made by either the student or the teacher. The quantity of additional teaching is sorted out in each case separately. The permission for providing additional teaching is applied from the Dean by using the relevant form, available from Study Affairs office and the web page.



JOO studies (flexible study rights)

JOO – studies offers VAMK -students a possibility for studying certain subjects in other universities colleges located in Vaasa. Instructions for applying the right for studies can be found in the following address

Joo Studies