Assessment Criteria

The instructions given by VAMK University of Applied Sciences about assessment of learning in the quality assurance manual and process descriptions are used in assessment.

Assessment is performed by comparing the student’s attainment with the learning outcomes in the curriculum. The tasks in an exam must include a balance between easy, medium and challenging in such a way that each category includes one third of the tasks. Easy tasks refer to tasks that every student who has participated in the instruction should be able to complete and correspondingly difficult tasks are the ones the completion of which requires excellent or good skills and knowledge.

Grade scale

Completion of study periods is assessed by a grading scale of Excellent (5), Good (4-3), Pass (2-1), Fail (0). In exceptional cases the scale with Pass (HYV)/Fail (0) is applied. With regard to the second national language, the grades granted by the University of Applied Sciences, marked 1-3 correspond to Satisfactory and 4-5 to Good within public administration.

Decision on assessment, registration and giving information

By means of assessment, the attainment of the objectives of the study periods is directed and verified. Criteria for assessment are based on the objectives of the study period. The student must receive at the beginning of the study period full particulars on the criteria applied. The student also has the right to be informed about the application of assessment criteria on the study performance. The student’s right and obligation to participate in the teaching is defined in the assessment plans per study period.The student completes the study unit according to the requirements given in the plan of the study unit. The required performances related to the study unit have to be completed within two semesters following the end of the study unit.The student must get the assessment recorded in the student administration database within one month from the completion of the performance.

The students can follow and check up the grades they have received through the student database PEPPI.
The follow-up presupposes that the student has enrolled in attendance and that the student has the required username. In case the username/password has been forgotten, this can be renewed at the study affairs office.

Rectification of assessment

The student has the right to receive information on the assessment criteria applied on their own performance. An account on the assessment is supplied by the teacher who has made the assessment.

The student who is not satisfied with the assessment and the feedback given can submit a rectification claim to the teacher who gave the assessment within 14 days after the student received information about the assessment. The student who is not satisfied with the written account from the teacher can apply for the rectification in writing from the Board of Examiners within 14 days from receiving the teacher’s account. The claim for rectification, addressed to the Board of Examiners, is submitted to the Study Affairs Office.

The Board of Examiners will process the claim within 30 days after the reception of the claim, excluding July. The Board of Examiners base their decision on the statements and accounts they acquire. The decision of the Board of Examiners cannot be appealed.