As a student athlete at VAMK

As a student-athlete at VAMK

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences and the Vaasa Region Sports Academy collaborate closely, enabling elite and professional athletes competing at the national and international levels to receive support for their training and access to expert services while pursuing their studies through the Vaasa Region Sports Academy.

At VAMK, you can seamlessly integrate university studies into your athletic routine with the support of both our institution and the Vaasa Region Sports Academy. The services and resources available in the Ostrobothnia and Vaasa region provide an ideal environment for balancing your studies and sports commitments. The Vaasa Region Sports Academy is a collaborative network formed by educational institutions, athletes, sports federations, the City of Vaasa, and providers of sports support services. The Sports Academy works in close cooperation with other sports academies and the Finnish Olympic Committee.

Combining Sports and Studies

  • The dual career coordinator of the Vaasa Region Sports Academy , Martin Grandell, provides personalized guidance to university students who are also athletes, helping them find the right balance between their studies and sports commitments.
  • VAMK offers comprehensive support, guidance, and well-being services that students can utilize to support their studies, including building individual and personalized study plans and pathways.
  • VAMK’s support-, guidance- and well-being services include group counselor, career and recruitment experts, study counselors, student tutors, and the support of the VAMOK student union.
  • We understand the daily lives of athletes, including competition trips and training camps, and provide various methods to accommodate their schedules. Please always reach out to your group counselor or study counselor if you require support with special arrangements.
  • We also have access to tools such as EXAM – an electronic examination service that allows students to take exams at a time and place that suits them best.

The Finnish Olympic Committee has awarded Vaasa University of Applied Sciences with the quality mark of an elite athlete friendly university in spring 2024 for supporting the studies of students who pursue sports at a high level and enabling the creation of individualized study paths.

Student-athletes at universities are categorized into three groups based on their level of sports performance

  • Finnish Olympic Committee and Paralympic Committee supported athletes
  • Adult or youth national team athletes
  • Other professional athletes, those who are committed to competitive sports and aiming for the top
Application to the Vaasa Region Sports Academy

Application to the Sports Academy for higher education athletes is done through a separate application. Before filling out the application form, it is important to familiarize yourself with what the sports academy can offer you and what commitments are expected from you as an athlete. The application period typically takes place primarily in August and September each academic year, but applications can also be submitted throughout the academic year through continuous intake. Membership in the Sports Academy is granted on an annual basis and is free of charge for athletes

Contact information for the Vaasa Region Sports Academy

Dual Career Coordinator Martin Grandell
040 8525003

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Application to VAMK for Degree Studies

Application for degree studies at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences can be made in the spring and autumn joint application periods. Application for degree studies takes place through Opintopolku ( twice a year, from May 15th to May 31st and from November 15th to November 30th. In this application, it is required that the applicant:

  • Has completed 30 ECTS credits of business studies in open polytechnic.
  • These studies have been registered in the student register by the final day of the application period.
Application for Path Studies

The 30 ECTS path studies are typically completed through remote learning in the field of business. The athlete’s path studies are free of charge.

The Vaasa Region Sports Academy

Dual Career Coordinator Martin Grandell
040 8525003

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