Greetings from our President Kati

The new strategy of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences emphasizes the importance of our values in all our operations. Our sympathetic communality and collegiality live in our daily lives. The Ethical Code of Conduct is built as an inclusive, community-based process in which the voices of each member of the community are heard. The guidelines are an everyday tool that we can use when confronting each other in a wide variety of situations. This is also a message to our partners and students – this is how we operate. On the other hand, we take a stand on how we do not act by saying our desired common behavior.

Our vision is to be your main partner in expertise. Social impact and interaction are key dimensions of our university of applied sciences. This work is reinforced and dictated by our guidelines, which tell our partners that we are committed to strong ethical and responsible practices. It’s good to work with us!

We are a skilled and healthy work community, we have active and motivated students. We work closely with working life, we lead by anticipating and according to common shared values. We interact and communicate appreciating each other. We evolve and develop. These are the big themes our community listed as vital in our Ethical Code of Conduct.

The purpose of all this is to build a workplace and a work community where each of us can be confident that our operations are ethically sustainable. In this way, we are able to reduce ethical stress and free up time to do our work to achieve our goals. Please take the Ethical Code of Conduct as part of your daily routine. For the benefit of us all.

Kati Komulainen

President, CEO

A competent and healthy work community

Active and motivated students

Close working life collaboration


Appreciative interaction

Development and evolution

Ethical Code of Conduct in VAMK’s daily life

The values of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences are sympathy, openness, bold pioneeringness and customer orientation.

Our ethical and responsible operations are built on this value base. The Ethical Code of Conduct guides our daily work.

All staff members have been involved in defining our Ethical Code of Conduct, and the process has been community-based. Our entire community is committed to adhering to the Ethical Code of Conduct, and we are jointly responsible for its implementation.

The processing of the Ethical Code of Conduct will continue in the departments and teams. In the future, the guidelines will be part of the training of management and supervisors. The themes of the ethical guidelines are also utilized in induction and development discussions. The key contents of the Ethical Code of Conduct are taken into account in decision-making and day-to-day management. The Ethical Code of Conduct is utilized in the planning, development and evaluation of all operations. In internal and external communication, we highlight the contents and themes of ethical action.

In accordance with our Ethical Code of Conduct, we work together to ensure the well-being of each member of our community. If you notice any activity or behavior that is against the spirit of the Ethical Code of Conduct, talk to your supervisor. If necessary, you can talk to the members of the management team, and HR services will also be happy to help you. If you wish, you can provide feedback on our ethical practices using the Feedy feedback channel.

VAMK Ethical Code of Conduct.pdf