VAMK provides a solid base for an international business career

Jennica Lattunen

Studying in an international programme has taught Jennica Lattunen a lot about foreign cultures. It will be useful as she enters the working life.

VAMK provides a solid base for an international business career

Jennica Lattunen is an International Business student at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. When she started her studies, she contemplated the options in Vaasa.

– I wanted to study business and marketing, and gathered information on Novia, Hanken and VAMK. The latter convinced me with practical approach on business as well as comprehensive take on scientific fundamentals.

Jennica then decided to attend VAMK and is content with her studies. Three years later, she thinks the degree programme is broad enough to give her a solid base for an international career in business.

– One of the things I like about VAMK is that while educating students, it also courages you to network and connect with companies nearby.

Studies include staying abroad

Growing up in a small town of Maalahti near Vaasa, Jennica always dreamed of working abroad. The Finnish students of her group have to attend the exchange programme, and they can also do their practical training abroad if they want to.

– I was meaning to leave for my exchange semester in January, but it got postponed due to the pandemic. Now we are waiting for further instructions, whether or not we are going at all.

Jennica was planning to go to Aarhus University in Denmark. She doesn’t like big cities and figured she could occasionally travel home on weekends.

– VAMK gives you a good understanding on the whole business branch and tools to specialize in your area of choice. I also value the international atmosphere in our study groups. It gives such good experience in intercultural projects.

Cultural skills improved

English is the language in the international business degree programme, and the students come from a variety of countries. Jennica Lattunen tells that the group is mostly divided in two study groups, both consisting of about twenty students.

– There are ten Finnish students, one of which is Swedish speaking Finns like me. A lot of students come from Vietnam and China, but there are also some exchange students from Spain, France and USA.

According to Jennica, Finnish students are used to studying and researching topics on their own, and they value common knowledge. Some of the hardest things for her to learn in International Business programme has been the cultural differences.

– But it can also be seen as a positive thing. Once you get to know other cultures and their customs, it is a great leverage for your career.

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