Do you want to become a confident leader of an international project team?

Teams that deliver

In Project Management you’ll learn the secrets for building and motivating teams.

Award winning tools

In Project Management you’ll learn award winning tools for effective project management and research.

IPMA level C competence

In Project Management you’ll acquire IPMA level C competence.


Project Management has a Desired Skill Set

In the first semester you develop your knowledge of the fundamental principles of the discipline; in the second and third semesters you will be systematically introduced to the contexts and realities of practical project management through case studies and discussion with professional project managers.

After completing the courses, you have the skills to

  • develop and apply appropriate project management methodologies to suit different projects in local and international contexts
  • communicate across culturally diverse projects
  • develop the ability to take a leadership role in project, program and portfolio management
  • form, select and apply creative problem-solving skills to all stages of the project life cycle
  • develop critical thinking and research skills to a range of project and program management contexts

The degree programme has been developed on the basis of the feedback from the local industry.

After graduation you will qualify for leading positions in project teams or in positions related to the development of systems for project selection, evaluation and/or project management in multicultural environments in both public and private sectors. Your job title might be project manager or project engineer or contain different aspects of project management.



How do you study in the programme?

The studies are conducted in English and they are organised as part-time studies with multimodal learning methods. The learning process consists of lectures, independent work, distance learning assignments and development projects.

The emphasis in the study is on interaction and teamwork: during your studies, you can share your expertise with other students. The studies are linked close to your own work tasks, so with the learning tasks and the thesis development project you have the opportunity to develop your own employer organization or project.

  • The degree programme lasts approx. 1,5 years.
  • The studies are conducted mainly as online studies, allowing you to work at the same time.
  • Time-efficient and practical training!

Structure of the Studies

The scope of the studies is 90 ECTS, and the duration of the studies is about 1,5 years. The programme consists of Advanced Professional Studies, Business Management and Development Studies, Optional Studies and the Master’s Thesis. The thesis corresponds to 30 ECTS, which makes it the most important part of your studies.

Advanced Professional Studies 25 ECTS

  • Strategic Project Management
  • Project Finance and Legal Environment
  • Project Planning
  • Leadership in Global Projects
  • Project Control and Monitoring

Business Management and Development 25 ECTS

  • Organizational Development
  • International Marketing
  • Energy Business
  • Leadership and Management
  • Lean Six Sigma

Optional Studies 10 ECTS

  • You can choose optional courses for 10 credits from VAMK’s master level studies or any other university, or If you already have study credits, you can apply for credit approval from your study counselor after you have been accepted.

Master´s Thesis 30 ECTS

All students will complete a thesis work. Students working in the Project Management positions have the opportunity to undertake a thesis work which develops skills in evaluating different project management methods and tools that can benefit their own organization. The writing of the thesis will enable students to develop their academic rigour in both research methodology and reflective practice through a series of courses that are part of the study.

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You can apply if you have

  • Bachelor degree completed in the field of engineering
  • Bachelor degree in the field of Business Administration. Att! With the bachelor of business background you are required to study 30 ects extra from the
  • Master degree in Business Administration
  • Master degree in Engineering
  • Work experience of 24 months after graduation.
  • Students are project managers, IT- and energy professionals and business consultants.

Read more about Admission Criteria

Students are project managers, IT- and energy professionals and business consultants.

The degree conforms with the standards set by the Finnish national degree system as well as with the European framework for degrees and competences. It gives a qualification for a public appointment where a master’s degree is required. The program also includes courses which can lead to professional certification in project management.


Career opportunities

Our university is located in the heart of Vaasa, which has more energy technology related companies than any other city in the Nordic countries. In our region, more than 160 companies work in the field of energy technology, and about 25 % of the employees of the Finnish energy sector work here. The overall turnover of these companies is about 5 billion euros annually, and therefore it is well justified to say that Vaasa keeps the wheels of Finland’s economy rolling!

After completing your Master’s degree, you can pursue more demanding international positions. You will be qualified for several jobs that require a Master’s degree. Studying with other professionals also offers you new perspectives for your work.

After graduation, you can also apply for Ph.D. studies in Finland or abroad.

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