Agile Development Methods

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Prior Knowledge

  • It is recommended that the student has a bachelor’s degree in Technology
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Target Group

  • Course is suitable for everyone who wants to increase their knowledge on modern software development
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Learning objectives

  • The goal is to introduce the student to agile development methods, such as Scrum, so that the student can apply the methodology when participating as a member of the development team in projects

During the course, the student learns:

  • The basic concepts of agile methods such as Scrum
  • To understand the roles of team members compared to more traditional development methods
  • To create an agile project
  • To create an implementation plan
  • To create an iteration plan
  • To participate as a member of the implementation team in an agile software project



  • Scrum sprint planning
  • Scrum team roles and role tasks
  • Events in Scrum project management (Sprint, Sprint Planning, the Daily Scrum, Sprint Review and the Sprint Retrospective)
  • Defining task readiness
  • Scrum as a process of continuous daily implementation of the application
  • Scrum tools in the software development process

Notice! This course will be taught primarily in English, but the exam and assignments (e.g. essays) can be done in Finnish or English ( student’s choice). This course is from the  Digitalisaation johtaminen Master’s level degree programme. The Finnish name for this course is Ketterä kehittäminen.

Teaching Mode and Methods

Online teaching, group work and course tasks.

Study Material

Material is indicated by the teacher.


Numerical (0-5).

Schedule and Location

Online teaching is taught mainly in the evenings from 16:30 – 18:00.

Further Information

Johan Dams


Tekniikka | Tietotekniikka | +358 207 663 627