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  • Master fundamentals of JavaScript programming language.
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Target Group

  • Everyone interested in Web programming.
  • Prerequisite Skills: Having some basic knowledge in HTML, CSS and a programming language is recommended and can help understanding the topic more easily and making faster progress.

Learning objectives

After completion of this course you will be able to program in JavaScript to develop interactive Web pages.


  • Good programming practices
  • Fundamentals of JavaScript language: variables, data types, operators, conditional branching, loops, arrays, functions, objects, string handling
  • Front-end and back-end communication principles: handling different forms of data, like XML, JSON  and AJAX
    some network request tools, like Fetch and FormData

Teaching Mode and Methods

Online teaching:

  • Lecture notes and videos
  • Weekly assignments
  • Chat and discussion possibilities
  • Weekly virtual meeting for questions and discussions

Study Material


Numeric evaluation: 0-5

Final grade will be calculated based on the weekly assignments. All weekly assignments worth the same amount of points.

Schedule and Location

Teacher will announce later.

Further Information

Johan Dams


Tekniikka | Tietotekniikka | +358 207 663 627