AI tools for Business

The course aims to provide a look at modern A.I. powered tools for use in day to day business operations. Examples include generate A.I., automation tools, etc. that can help people in presentations, translations, interactions and communications, etc.



  • The goal of learning the use of A.I. powered tools is to remove repetitive, boring, and time consuming tasks by automating, simplifying, and removing needless wait-times. This allows one to be more efficient and productive.
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Target Group

  • Anyone currently operating in a business environment, be it secretary, start-up, management, content creator, etc. Specifically aimed at positions without a technical background.


Mode of Teaching and Methods

  • Real-time online lectures
  • Self-paced assignments
  • Personalized exercises
  • Online discussions on the subject

Study Material

  • Online resources (articles, works)
  • Multimedia (videos, podcasts)


  • Pass/Fail
  • The student demonstrates skills in using the A.I. tools discussed and can apply them to solve problems more efficiently and effectively.

Schedule and Location

  • 10/2024

More information about the course

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AI tools for Business


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