Business English, group A

Upon completion, you’ll possess a broader business vocabulary, enabling you to craft more professional texts. The course also improves your reading and writing skills, facilitating effective understanding and production of business-related texts. Strengthen your vocabulary and enhance your ability to engage in business discussions. Join us on this journey to boost your language skills for success in the business world.



  • Enriching your business vocabulary and honing your reading and writing abilities
  • You’ll enhance your business communication skills, making it a comprehensive learning experience for professional development.


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To you who

  • The course is aimed at business student looking to expand their business vocabulary, improve their professional writing skills, and enhance their reading and writing abilities in a business context.
  • Proficiency in English at a foundational level (B1) is a prerequisite.


After completing this course, you will have a broader business vocabulary, enabling you to write more professional texts. The course enhances your reading and writing skills, helping you understand and produce business-related texts more effectively. Additionally, you will strengthen your vocabulary and improve your ability to engage in discussions with others in a business context.

Mode of Teaching and Methods

  • Online classes self-study

Study Material

  • Provided during the course by the teacher (material and links)


  • Evaluation: 1-5 grade

Schedule and Location

  • 8.1.-31.5.24 online, weekdays starting at 4:00 PM, if needed, on Saturdays.

More information about the course

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Business English, group A


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