Business English, group B

Be more business-like! Upon completion, you’ll possess a broader business vocabulary, empowering you to craft more professional texts. The course also sharpens your reading and writing skills, facilitating a more nuanced understanding and production of business-related texts. Strengthen your vocabulary and elevate your proficiency in engaging in business discussions. Enlist in this transformative journey to fortify your language skills for success in the dynamic world of business.



  • You will acquire proficiency in crafting business messages, such as those involved in the purchasing process, addressing problem situations (complaints), and composing job application messages.
  • You will enhance your business vocabulary for effective communication.
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To you who

  • The course is aimed at business student looking to expand their business vocabulary, improve their professional writing skills, and enhance their reading and writing abilities in a business context.
  • Proficiency in English at a foundational level (B1) is a prerequisite.


After completing this course, you will have a broader business vocabulary, enabling you to write more professional texts. The course enhances your reading and writing skills, helping you understand and produce business-related texts more effectively. Additionally, you will strengthen your vocabulary and improve your ability to engage in discussions with others in a business context.

Mode of Teaching and Methods

  • Online classes self-study

Study Material

  • Provided during the course by the teacher (material and links)


  • Evaluation: 1-5 grade

Schedule and Location

  • 8.1.-31.5.24 online, weekdays starting at 4:00 PM, if needed, on Saturdays.

More information about the course

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Business English, group B


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