Cloud Services and Architecture

Upon successful completion of this course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the capabilities and constraints associated with cloud computing. You will become acquainted with various cloud technologies and concepts related to distributed computing. Additionally, you will develop the skills necessary to design sophisticated applications that utilize the cloud as their fundamental infrastructure.



  • You get familiar with the current software deployment methodologies in the cloud, and understand which software architectures are applied. Includes topics such as microservices, Kubernetes, containers, etc.
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To you who

  • are Masters’ student with a relevant bachelor degree
    and work experience. You need to have previous knowledge in basic programming skills, Linux usage, network fundamentals, and computer architecture.



Upon completing this course, you will possess a comprehensive understanding of the capabilities and limitations of cloud computing. You will have acquired familiarity with various cloud technologies and distributed computing concepts. Furthermore, you will have the skills to design high-level applications that leverage the cloud as their foundational infrastructure.

Course topics include

  • Major concepts in cloud computing, the economic foundations of cloud computing, and the concepts of Big Data, scalability, high-availability, resilience
  • Higher level of cloud offerings: Platform as a Service, Mobile Backend as a Service, Serverless, etc.. architectures
  • BigData
  • Leveraging cloud to build scalable applications for business development needs

Mode of Teaching and Methods

  • Lectures 
  • Exercises and Demonstrations
  • Written work

Classes are as a rule organised in the evenings. It is possible that a longer, intense session is organised on a Saturday during the course period.

Study Material

  • Online material in Moodle 


  • Assignments, tests, presentations, exam 0-5

Schedule and Location

  • 11.3.-27.4.2024 online, on weekday evenings between 4:30 PM and 6:00 PM.

More information about the course

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Cloud Services and Architecture


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