Ethical issues in telerehabilitation

The aim of this course of study is that students will know what kind of ethical problems are involved in Tele-rehabilitation and they can pay attention to them when planning, implementing and evaluating tele-rehabilitation.



  • Get familiar with tele-rehabilitation and its phenomena.
  • One will understand the concept and the ethical side.
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To you who

  • Students in social and health care
  • Employees in social and health care who are interested in ethical issues in tele-rehabilitation.
  • This course is aimed at Master’s level students and meets the requirements of EQF7


After completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of tele-rehabilitation and become learn about the ethical considerations associated with it.
  • The ethical phenomena related to the use of wearable sensory devices

Subject areas of the course:

  • Know what tele-rehabilitation is.
  • Get familiar with ethical issues related to tele-rehabilitation.
  • The ethical phenomena related to the use of wearable sensory devices

Mode of Teaching and Methods

  • Material found online (articles, works)
  • Multimedia (video, podcast)
  • Interactive (simulation, games) Online material (articles, works)


  • Pass/Fail

Schedule and Location

  • Independent study in the online learning environment. The course can be completed freely according to one’s own schedule

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Ethical issues in telerehabilitation


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