Future of Leadership

Unlock your leadership potential and soar to new heights! This course empowers you to effectively manage and lead teams, master workplace dynamics, and elevate your leadership prowess. Explore diverse leadership styles, from person-oriented to situation-dependent, and gain insights into the future of leadership through cutting-edge research. Adapt seamlessly to evolving organizational landscapes and grasp the essential skills to lead and inspire individuals across various work environments. Discover the art of self-analysis and gain a profound understanding of your own behaviors and leadership approaches, as well as those of your colleagues. Previous knowledge in Organizational Behavior or related fields is advantageous. Whether you’re an aspiring manager or a leader seeking continuous growth, or simply fascinated by the future phenomena and research in leadership, this course is tailored for you. Join us today and take charge of your leadership journey with confidence!



On this course you will gain leadership skills and understanding the skills needed to lead humans which are essential to everybody in different working environments. You will learn to analyze and understand your own behaviour and leading styles as well as others in organizations. Organizational Behaviour or similar knowledge is preferable.


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Target Group

Everyone who are interested in developing their skills as managers or leaders. Everyone who are interested in discussing the future phenomen and research of leadership.

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After completion this course, you can effectively manage and lead people in organizations, study behaviour in working context and be more successful in your leadership style.

  • Leadership styles, person- or situation-related
  • Future of leadership, phenomenal studies
  • Organizational and general changes in working environments

Mode of Teaching and Methods

  • Online material and recorded lessons as well as autonomous studies
  • Articles or material
  • Teamwork and assigments
  • Course Assignment

Study Material

  • Will be provided by the teacher in Moodle.


Numerical (0–5).

Schedule and Location

Non-scheduled and autonomous studying in Moodle. Course is available during 1.9.-31.12.2023.

Johanna Karaaslan

Part-time Lecturer

School of Business | Business Economics

Future of Leadership


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