Technical Writing in English

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Technical writing skills are essential in many industries and text types, such as reports, CVs, theses, and research proposals. In addition, being able to write well allows you to structure your thoughts well. The better you write, the better you think.

Target group

To you who

  •  want to prepare for changes in working life or increase your own expertise
  •  want to get to know a new field or stand out with your expertise
  •  live to learn – you want to learn new things as a hobby
  • are pursuing a degree

For anyone interested in developing technical writing skills in English

As prerequisite skills, English skills at least B2 level is required.

Learning outcomes

After completion of this course:

  • The student can understand and formulate complex sentences in English
  • The student understands stylistic differences in English
  • The student knows how to structure, plan for and write successful academic texts
  • The student knows how to structure, plan for and write successful technical reports


  • English styles: colloquial, formal, scientific
  • The structure of English: advanced edition
  • Thesis writing and referencing
  • Report writing

Mode of Teaching and Methods

  • Weekly online class, 2h/week
  • Self-study, 8h/week

Study Material

Syllabus will be provided by the teacher via Moodle.


Evaluation: Approved/Fail. Two written assignments.

Schedule and Location

Online lessons every second Thursday (8.6, 22.6, 6.7 and 20.7.2023). Time: 19-21 o’clock.

Technical Writing in English


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