Path Studies for Business Administration

Pathway studies refer to the first-year studies of degree programs, which are undertaken at an open university of applied sciences according to the curriculum, in the same group as degree students. The scope of these studies in bachelor’s degree programs is 50 ECTS credits, and they are generally completed within one academic year.

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  • By completing pathway studies, you can graduate in the same amount of time as a student who started directly in a degree program.
  • You can complete pathway studies even if you do not yet have the required prior education for university of applied sciences studies.
  • A guaranteed place in a degree program after one year.
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You who...

  • You want to make good use of a gap year.
  • You are ready to study intensively for one year.
  • You want to study with the same group for the entire year.
  • You wish to continue in the bachelor’s degree program from the second year after completing the pathway studies.

Enrollment in Pathway Studies

The pathway study program consists of two parts. This course registration allows you to enroll in the first part of the pathway studies. You will be granted the right to study for the first semester, during which you will complete about half of the entire pathway program.

  • To complete the full pathway program (50 ECTS credits), you must also register and pay for the second part of the pathway studies. The total cost of the program is €300, paid in two installments (€150 per part).
  • Enrollment for the second part will open before the start of the next semester.
  • We will inform you by email when enrollment for the second part is possible. After completing the pathway studies, you can apply to become a degree student through a separate application process. 
  • Acceptance as a degree student requires the completion of both parts of the pathway studies, totaling 50 ECTS credits and €300.

Cancellation Policy

  • If you are unable to participate in the studies for any reason, please inform us as soon as possible. It is crucial to cancel your participation in time so that the spot can be offered to someone on the waiting list.
  • You can cancel your registration free of charge before the start of the studies by notifying us at If you cancel later, half of the annual fee will be charged. The payment of the study fee is a prerequisite for participating in the studies and maintaining the right to study.

Content of the Program

As a path student, you will study the IB  degree programme for one academic year, which means that you study the first year of your degree programme according to the curriculum. Path studies enable graduation just as quickly as by starting directly in degree studies. Path studies do not require any specific basic education and you can study even if you do not have the basic education required for university studies.

The studies consist of active problem-based individual and teamwork learning tasks dealing with marketing, management and foreign trade issues. Co-operation with the industry provides authentic work-related cases that are integrated into the studies in form of various learning assignments and projects.

  • You will study at the same pace as the degree students’ group.
  • The content of the education follows the curriculum of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences.
  • The studies you complete will be credited towards your degree later on.

Mode of Implementation

In the day program, teaching and guidance mainly take place on campus during weekdays and daytime hours. The studies also include independent study, potentially some flexible online courses, and practical training periods as outlined in the curriculum.


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