Striving for success while having fun

Aysu Asibol

"Finland is well known for its high quality education. This can be seen as an outcome of wide support and appreciation for us students."

Striving for success while having fun

On a typically grey Finnish November morning, 19 year old Aysu Asibol answers the phone in her parents house in Turku. Her voice is like a beam of sunlight in the darkness, as she tells about her day.

– We are currently studying independently due to the pandemic, and it suits me well. Usually I wake up early, finish my homework from yesterday and then move on for the video lessons.

Aysu is a dual citizen of Finland and Turkey. She was two years old when the rest of the family moved to Finland where her father was already working. They keep in touch with friends and relatives in Turkey and visit them every summer.

– They often ask me about life in Finland. One of the most common questions is about education system.

One would probably expect more questions about Finnish weather or exceptional leisure activities such as sauna and wife carrying. But in Turkey, education is highly valued among young professionals. Even with a higher degree you have to fight for your position in the labour market.

– Work experience in Finland or a degree from a Finnish university is seen as a very valuable asset in Turkey.

Vaasa – a beautiful city by the sea

Before attending Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, Aysu completed a vocational qualification in business and administration. After graduation she still wanted to learn more about financial management.

Commercial studies seemed to fit like a glove for her keen mind and career plans. She had heard about Vaasa, a city with an international beat.

– It striked to me as an opportunity to reach for international exchange programs or internships. It also had come to my attention that the quality of education is good.

Based on a Google search, Vaasa seemed like a beautiful city by the sea – almost like a miniature Helsinki.

– Smaller towns are usually much more affordable, which I appreciate a lot as a student. There is a specified housing foundation for students, which is very helpful.

(Economical aspects are important for Aysu. She thinks highly of Finnish society, that appreciates education and supports students financially.)

Casual but ambitious

As a dual citizen, Aysu Asibol likes to compare Finnish and Turkish people. For her, Finnish youth seems to be much more easygoing than their peers in Turkey.

– They know how to relax, even while studying and striving for success. At least I think this is the case, although it would be nice to see it for myself by studying in Turkey, too.

For everyone still pondering if studying in Vaasa is worthwhile, Aysu sends an affirmation.

– Just come, you won’t regret it. Even the winter is actually quite nice, since there are beautiful lights on every street.

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